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While the world seems to be awakening to the environmental and social issues that will be a major world-wide stake in the 21st century, LIFE PARTNERS EUROPE wants to go beyond a purely economic reasoning. We take pride in the means applied to achieve economic excellence.


2007 : Creation of a work Dividend Distribution Plan. Amounts invested in personnel training exceed legal requirements threefold.
2006 : Restaurant voucher implementation
2004 : Implementation of a first rate insurance, 70% of which is paid for by the company for executives, and 80% for non executives.
2003 : Implementation of a profit sharing plan and company savings plan (PEE) with company participation. Only 8% of companies under 100 employees offer that type of compensation complement (Life Partners Europe then numbered 14 employees).
2001 : Voluntary implementation of the 35 hour week, when the requirement does not apply to companies our size.


Our vehicles use LPG, a clean fuel.

The architecture of our headquarters is rehabilitated according to High Environmental Quality standards. Reinforced insulation, indoor thermal regulation with reversible heat pump and use of low voltage bulbs allowing energy savings, offices located near public transportation means (two subway lines, one bus line, which are at walking distance), hypoallergenic paint.

We also take part in various actions such as the use of rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries. We recycle ink cartridges and packaging.


LIFE PARTNERS EUROPE is engaged in a sustainable development process organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Seine Saint-Denis: « Capital Développement Durable ». The company will be giving its testimony for the launch of a similar process in Paris.


LIFE PARTNERS EUROPE markets the only environment friendly endoscope disinfecters. The Cleantop devices of CBC do not use peracetic acid or glutaraldehyde, which are highly toxic products for users and for the environment alike, and that are always used by our competitors. Cleantop disinfecters are based on a salt water electrolysis system, the system preferred by 70% of the market in Japan.

Our packaging management takes into account optimised transportation.


Equipment donations to NGOs helping endoscopy directly, in developing countries.

Through various subsidies, LIFE PARTNERS EUROPE takes part in the financing of two charitable societies: